Islam is one of the world’s major religions, with over 1.8 billion followers. It is the second-largest religion in the world, after Christianity. Islam originated in the Arabian Peninsula in the 7th century CE. The founder of Islam is Muhammad, who is believed by Muslims to be the last prophet of God. The early history […]

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The Sundarban Mangrove forest is big the forest of Bangladesh. It covers an area of approximately 5900 sq. km. The name may have been derived from the Sundari trees that are found in Sundarbans in large numbers. It provides valuable economic resources including timber and wood, firewood and raw materials for such industries as matches, […]

Everyone loves school life and mostly the beautiful events which one experiences in a school. People develop a sense of emotional and social connection with the school. The school teaches us so many life lessons and values. But, there comes a day when we all need to part away from our school and our friends. […]

A new school is a new experience. My first day at Titas Adarsha School was not very difficult. I went to school on foot as it was very close to my village. When I arrived at school, the bell rang. I found my classroom easily. In the class I met my primary school classmates, Dipu […]

Making an omelet is not very difficult. One can make it easily. If you want to make an omelet, you need to do certain things. First, take an onion and two chilies and cut them into small pieces. Then take an egg in a pot and put the onion, chilly and some salt into the […]

Taj mahal is known as a symbol of love. The full name is Mumtaz Mahal was the name of Mughal Emperor Shah Jahan’s wife’s name. He was a widely known and powerful emperor in his time. This amazing building was built in the 17th century. The architectural design and building structure are amazing. It still surprised the […]

Bangladesh is gifted with many kinds of birds. We do not even know the names of all these birds. They add to the beauty of our country. They are found all over the country. We rise early in the morning hearing the sweet songs of these birds. The birds are different in colour, shape, size […]

Bangladesh is the land of fruits. Different fruits grow abundantly in different seasons. Fruits differ on the basis of their color, size, taste. Some are sweet in taste and some are sour. Some popular fruits that grow in our country are Mango, Jack fruit, Guava, Palm, Pineapple, Blackberry, Date, Melon, Wood apple, Banana, Lychee etc. […]

What do you mean by hobby? What is your hobby? Why do you like it as your hobby? What are the benefits of your hobby? How do you enjoy a hobby? Answer: Hobby means one’s favorite occupation. It is a source of joy and pleasure. A hobby gives us joy and pleasure. My hobby is gardening. […]

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