Radio is the sending and receiving of electromagnetic waves carrying sound messages.¬†With the development in technology , Radio has also developed.Radio is known as one of the best ways for communication.It is also a source of entertainment.One of the uses of radio in earlier days was to pass orders & communications between armies & navies.¬† […]

From the beginning of human civilization, human beings began to form societies and started residing in villages. With the passage of time, a man formed cities. The city life and country life are different in advantages and disadvantages. Village life is natural and people in the village lead a very simple life. The villagers wake […]

The man who earns his bread by fishing is a fisherman. Fishing is challenging, though interesting to somebody. About more than half a million people live by fishing. He catches fish in the rivers, haors, beels, canals, ponds, ditches, and seas all over the country. Off and on fishes being in a group. Fishermen generally […]

The Eiffel Tower is one of the seven wonders of the world and is one of the most important tourist attractions in France to which tourists come from all over the world. The Eiffel Tower, one of the most famous landmarks in Europe and the world, is located in Paris, in the north-west of Champ […]

(a) What is metro rail? (b) What is the current status of metro rail project in Bangladesh? (c) How can it help the commuters in Dhaka city? (d) What are the difficulties we are facing due to its construction work? (e) How. can this project help our economy? ***Metro rail is a type of high-capacity […]

(a) What is health? (b) What are the rules of good health? (c) Is it necessary to take a balanced diet for good health? (d) Why is it necessary to exercise? (e) How can we concentrate on all the activities of our life? *** Health means the condition of a person’s body and mind, and […]

a. What is Dengue Fever? b. Which areas of the world are the most vulnerable for Dengue? c. What are the Use the symptoms of Dengue fever? d. What is the treatment on a rainy of Dengue fever? e. How can we prevent Dengue? ***Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease which is very How do Dengue […]

Our classroom is on the ground floor of our school building. It is yery spacious and well-ventilated. It faces west. There are two doors and four big windows. So, air and light can enter easily. There are a blackboard, a chair, a table for the teachers and twenty low and high benches for the students […]

Gardening is a pleasant occupation and a good pastime . It is an expression of refreshment and taste. It is an embodiment of men’s love for trees and plants of nature. There are many kinds of gardening. There are flower gardens, kitchen gardens , fruit gardens, botanical gardens etc. Each of them acts a very […]

A hostel is a residence of students. I am a residential student of Comilla Zilla school. The name of my hostel is “Merit” hostel. This is the most renowned hostel of our school. The environment of the hostel is very charming . About 150 students live in this hostel. Almost all the students of this […]

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