1. A Good Citizen (একজন ভালো নাগরিক)

1. A Good Citizen (একজন ভালো নাগরিক)

(a) What is a good citizen?

(b) What types of qualities should a good citizen have? 

(c)What are the responsibilities a good citizen performs? 

(d) What does he do for peace and happiness in society? 

(e) How can he develop the condition of society?

A good citizen is an asset of a country. To be a good citizen a man must have some good and special qualities. A good citizen must have an interest in receiving a proper education. It is a must as it makes him well aware of his duties and responsibilities. In every society, there are certain rules and regulations. These are essential to ensure peace and harmony in a community. A good citizen abides by all these laws and tries to ensure peace and happiness.

Word meaning: citizen (n)-নাগরিক; asset (n)-সম্পদ; interest (n)-আগ্রহ; aware (adj.)-সর্তক; responsibility (n)-দায়-দায়িত্ব; regulation(n)-নিয়ম-কানুন; essential(adj.)-অত্যাবশ্যক; ensure(v)-

নিশ্চিত করা; harmony(n)-তাল বা মিল; community(n)-সম্প্রদায়; disposition (n)- মেজজা, প্রবণতা; reliability (n)-দায়িত্ব; distinctive (adj.)-পার্থক্যসূচক; subversive(adj.)-নাশকতামূলক; update (v)-আধুনিক করা।






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