14 Load shedding

a) What is load shedding?

b) What are the causes of load shedding?

c) What problems does load-shedding create?

d) Who suffers most?

e) What measures should be taken to solve this problem?

Load shedding means the suspension of the supply of electricity for a certain period. It has become a regular affair in our country. Load shedding is caused for different causes. The insufficient production of electricity in our country is the main cause of load shedding. Misuse of electricity is another cause. Illegal connection of electricity is also responsible for load shedding. On the other hand, the government is not sincere to produce electricity in proportion to our demand. So due to load shedding production in mills and factories decreases. Fresh food preserved in the refrigerator gets rotten. It also disturbs the study of the students. So the authority should establish more plans and power houses to solve this problem.

Word meaning:-

Misuse:- অপচয়

Responsible:- দায়ী

Proportion :- অনুপাতে

Demand:- চাহিদা

Refrigerator :- শীতলীকরণ যন্ত্র

Encourages:- সাহস যোগায়

Affects:- প্রভাবিত করে

Miscreants:- দুষ্কৃতিকারী






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