16) My Pastimes

What is your name?

What class do you read in?

What are your pastime activities?

How do you spend your pastimes on holiday?

Do your pastime activities help you anyway?

*** I am Hasan-uz-zaman. I am a student of class IX. I usually spend my pastimes playing games. As outdoor games, I play football and cricket. At school, during the break, I usually play cricket with my friends. At times, I play carom and table tennis. In the afternoon, I sometimes play football in the playground of our school. Some days I prefer keeping in the house. After finishing my homework, I sit to browse the internet. I try to know the latest sports news of cricket and football. I also try to know many other things about my interest in searching the internet. Fridays are my holidays when I usually have more free time. On Fridays, after finishing my homework for school, I become free by I 1:00 AM. Then I usually play with my younger sister. Sometimes I also teach her alphabets. In the afternoon I usually go out to play with my friends. These are, in short, my pastime/leisure activities. I really enjoy my free time very much. In fact, my pastime activities give me the energy to study hard.






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