18) A school   Magazine

a) What is a school magazine?

b)How is it published?

c) What does it contain?

d) Who bear the expenditure of publication?

*** A school magazine is an annual publication of the school that contains the literary writings of the students and the teachers. It is a forum through which our young learners can get the opportunity to express the green ideas of their mind. It is published with an interesting and significant title in every year. Almost all aspects of school are reflected in it. It is an important milestone of the progress and prospect of a school. A school magazine generally contains poems, short stories, essays, one-act plays, verses, jokes and report of cultural activities of the school. Usually there is a magazine committee in a school for publishing a magazine. A teacher is usually given the charge of guiding the work of publication. A group of students work together with much encouragement. The Headmaster is the chief patron of the magazine. The school magazine can help the students to develop their latent faculties as well as their power of thinking and writing. In fact the school magazine is the first stepping stone for the future writers.

Word meaning :-

Milestone :- মাইলফলক

Reflected :- প্রকাশিত

One-act plays:- একাংকীকা

Patron:- পৃষ্ঠপোষক

Serutiny:- নিরীক্ষণ






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