23) A Moonlit Night

a) When can we see a moonlit night?

b) How does the sky look in a moonlit night?

c) How does everything look in a moolit night?

d) What does it offer?

e)What is its effect on mind?

*******The night in which the moon shines brightly in the cloudless clear sky is generally known as moonlit night. A moonlit night is a remarkable occasion for a beauty seeker . It offers a very splendid and charming view. It is a night of exquisite beauty and joy. In a moonlit night, the moon looks like a disk of silver. The moon bathes the world with her silvery light. The stars twinkling around the moon also add to the beauty of the night. Rivers, oceans, canals and ponds seem to smile in the splendid moonlit night. The trees and creepers look bright and tively. The flowers bloom at night seem to bath in the moonlight. Some birds are seen coming out of the ir nests and fly about. Beasts coming out of their dens run to and fro . People of all ages amuse themseives in a moonlit night. They pass some hours in gossiping and telling story. It-has a magical power of transporting us to a land of fairy and imagination. It arouses the poets of all languages to sing highly of a moonlit night. It loses the dullness of a night and thrills our heart. It is a great pleasure and source of recreation for the people.

Word meaning :-

  1. Splendid:- উজ্জ্বল
  2. Amuse:- আনন্দ করে
  3. Arouses:- উদ্দিপ্ত করে
  4. Dullness :- নিরানন্দ
  5. Thrills:-পুলকিত করে






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