24) Corruption in Bangladesh

a) What is corruption?

b) What are the causes of corruption in Bangladesh?

c) What are the means of corruption?

d) In how many ways is it happening in Bangladesh?

e) What are the effects of corruption in our country?

******* Corruption means adopting unfair means to achieve something being devoid of morality and by defying the rules and regulations of a country. At present, corruption has become one of the most alarming problems in Bangladesh. There are a number of causes behind corruption, Uncmployment, lack of good governance , lack of morality, inadequacy of salary, political instabilities etc. have led to the expansion of corruption. In Bangladesh, corruption has enlarged its paw in administrative, commercial and political sectors. The most usual form of corruption is bribery . However, there are other forms of corruption too, such as inequal distribution of government funds, nepotism in public services, etc. Corruption lames to nation. Economic disparity amongst peopie becomes acute and the chances for foreign investments are minimized. Therefore, it is time for ‘us to halt and prevent corruption. Anti-Corruption Commission has already been formed to prevent corruption. Besides, it is necessary to upgrade the morality and human values ​​of the people. Media can also take a strong stand against corruption. In addition, good governance, increase of job facilities and strict enforcement of legal rules can ensure prevention of corruption Finally, all of us must raise a campaign to combat bribery and corruption for a better and corruption free Bangladesh.

Word meaning :-

  1. Corruption:- দুর্নীতি
  2. Adopting:- অবলম্বন করা
  3. Instabilities:- অস্থিরতা
  4. Bribery:- ঘুষ
  5. Governance:-শাসন






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