28) My school common room

a) What is a school common room?

b) What does it offer the students?

c) Where is your common room?

d) What are the articles do you have in your school common room?

e) Why can’t you think of your school without common room?

***A common room is the part and parcel of a school. It is the centre of amusement and recreation . The student find immense pleasure when they come into it after feeling bored in the classes. Our school has a big common room. It is in the ground floor of the school. It is well- ventilated , It faces to the south. There are three doors and six windows in the common róom, The room is well-furnished . There are desks, chairs and tables in the room. Dailies, weeklies. monthlies and other magazines are kept ready on the tables. We read them in the leisure period and learn many things. Besides, there are various articles of indoor games like carom-boards, table tennis. chess etc. There are four sets of carom-boards and two table tennis boards. There is a colour T.V. and a radio set west side of at the common room. This is also a place of hot political discussion . Some students gossip here But smoking is forbidden here. So our school common room is a great attraction for us. Without it we cannot think of our school.

Word meaning:-

  1. Amusement:- আনন্দ
  2. Recreation:- বিনোদন
  3. Bored:- বিরক্ত
  4. Floor:- নিচতলা
  5. Leisure:- অবসর






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