29) Natural calamities

a) What is natural calamity / disaster?

b) What is the condition of natural disasters in Bangladesh?

c) When does it occur?

d) What are natural disasters that we usually face?

e) What do they cause in our life?

***Natural calamity is a natural event which has an adverse socio-economic impact whole environment. Natural disasters are very common in Bangladesh due to e geography. In recent years, they are becoming more destructive. Some common natural disasters like floods, cyclones, tidal-bores excessive raan. earthquake far riverbank erosion, drought ete. visit Bangladesh every years Another dreadful natural disaster, greenhouse effect is creeping tOwards us. Natural disasters cause heavy losses in our country. Many people are killed and many other become homeless: The havoc also includes death of catnle, widespread destruction of houses, uprooting of trees, damage of crops, roads and’ structures. Shortly after the disaster. many discases break out and communjcation system becomes out of order causing untold sufferings to people. However, being a natural phenomenon, it is not possible to prevent these disasters. We can take some preventive measures to lessen the sufferings of the victims. Warning and preparedness measures have to be improved and finally we should raise awareness in people to protect our lives and properties from the tremendous attack of natural calamities.

Word meaning :-

  1. Earthquake:- ভূমিকম্প
  2. Drought:-খরা
  3. Tidal-bores:- জলোচ্ছ্বাস
  4. Creeping:- এগিয়ে আসছে
  5. Dreadful:- ভয়ানক






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