5. Pastimes in Urban and Rural Areas (শহুরে এবং গ্রামীণ অঞ্চলে সময় ব্যয়)

5. Pastimes in Urban and Rural Areas 

                  (শহুরে এবং গ্রামীণ অঞ্চলে সময় ব্যয়)

(a)Why are Pastimes necessary? 

(b) What types of Pastimes are there in villages?

(c)What types of pastimes are in towns or cities? 

(d) Where are more facilities for pastimes in the villages or the towns? 

(e) How do games and sports play a role in this regard?

Pastimes are the spices of life as they remove monotony and fatigue of life. Pastimes Vary from person to person and urban to rural life. The urban people are exposed to all modern cities. Besides, their life is too much mechanical. Hence, they try to go out of the din and bustle of urban life. They usually go to the park, visit zoos and amusement parks

with their children. Besides, watching T.V. hiking, bird watching, camping, etc. has been very popular with the urban people. But the rural people are deprived of modern amenities. Hence, they enjoy gossip in their leisure. It is noteworthy that the facilities of dish antenna have reached many remote villages of Bangladesh. As a result, people are now enjoying TV watching. Besides, Jatra, jargon, Sharingan, snake charming, magic shows, etc. Are still popular in rural areas. Village people also enjoy our native games, for example, Kabadi, football, Ha-du-du, etc. Besides, very often they raise a storm on the cup of tea in the tea stall about the political condition of the country. Thus, it is found that pastimes of the urban people are different from those of the rural people.

Word meaning: spice (n)-মসলা; remove (v)-দূর করা; monotony (n)-একঘেয়েমি; fatigue (n)-ক্লান্তি;vary (v)-ভিন্ন হওয়া বা আলাদা হওয়া; urban (adj)- শহুরে; rural (adj)- গ্রাম্য; deprive (v)- বঞ্চিত করা; leisure (n)- অবসর; noteworthy. (adj.)-উল্লেখযােগ্য; remote (adj.)- প্রত্যন্ত; snake charming- সাপ

খেলা; native (adj.)- দেশী






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