6. Leisure Activities / Pastime (অবসরের কার্যক্রম)

6. Leisure Activities / Pastime

                          (অবসরের কার্যক্রম)

(a )What is a pastime? 

(b) What is the importance of pastime? 

(c) Is pastime a source of income? 

(d) Does it harm our society?

 (e) How do people enjoy pastimes?

Leisure plays a very significant role in the life of a man. During leisure, a man does not generally do any income-generating work. But leisure does never mean idleness. Leisure suggests a period when a man is not bound to do any scheduled job. In a leisure period, a man can do some interesting things. Some people enjoy hearing music. Some other people enjoy gardening or reading books. Leisure is very stimulating for creativity, A man can easily flourish his creativity by doing some interesting things in his leisure time. Leisure provides a man with ample scope to have the refreshment of mind and achieve sanity, It gives a man enthusiasm for further work. In many developed countries leisure activities are given special importance. In Germany, there is a German Leisure Association, In Bangladesh, the rural people enjoy gossiping during their leisure time. But in the busy cities, people pass their leisure by watching television. However, leisures a part and parcel of our daily life. So it should be used properly

word meaning: Leisure (n)-অবসর; during (prep.)- একটা সময় ব্যাপি; generate (v)-উৎপাদন করা; suggest (v)- পরামর্শ দেওয়া, উৎসাহ দেওয়া; schedule (n)- কর্মসূচী; creativity (n)- সৃজনশীলতা; flourish(v)- প্রকাশ করা; provide (v)- প্রদান করা; ample (adj.)- প্রশান্ত; refreshment (n)- সতেজতা; sanity (n)-

সুস্থতা, পরিপাটি; enthusiasm (n)- গভীর আগ্রহ; part and parcel (phr.)- অবিচ্ছেদ অংশ; properly ( adv.)-সঠিকভাবে।






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