34) Arsenic pollution

a) What is arsenic?

b) Where is it found?

c)What does it cause in human body?

d) What are its effects?

e) How do people get affected by arsenic?

***** Arsenie is one of the severe problems of Bangladesh. Arsenic is a very poisonous white compound of element. Arsenic poltuted water causes death. This tosic element is found in tohewell water. The people of the affected areas suffer from serious skin disease. The people of Nonth Bengal are the worst sufferers of ansenic pollution. People are affected by it only when they drink it. But washing hands, clothes and bathing in this water are not iajurious . An arsenic affected man loses his stamina to work, and his palm legs and back become sore which leads to skin cancer. Arsenic is a killer of man Arsenic pollution spreads in paddy, rice, wheat, vegetables and nedicine. So necessary steps should be taken to cradicate rc benba eace this problem All the tubewells must be examined by DPHE and if arsenic is found, dripking of water from that tubewell must be stopped. It should be marked with redeross We can drink pure rain water. We can make the water of river saw He and pond drinkable by using filter We chemical process We alone with the covemment should try to save ourselves from the growing menace of arsenic.

Word meaning :-

  1. Killer:- ঘাতক
  2. North-Bengal:- উত্তর বঙ্গ
  3. Injurious:-ক্ষতিকর
  4. Palm:- হাতের তালু
  5. Silent :- নীরব






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