36) A rickshaw puller

a) Who is a Rickshaw puller?

b) Where does he live in?

c)What kind of job does he usually?

d) How long does he work in a day?

e) How does he support his family?

****A rickshaw puller is a poor day labourer who carns his livelihood by pulling nekshaw. He is a familiar figure in our country. Generally he lives in a slum area. He carries passengers and goods in his rickshaw from one place to another on payment. Very few rickshaw pullers have their own rickshaws, Usually a rickshaw puller hires a rickshaw from the owner on daily basis. He comes out of the roads and streets early in the morning and works with his rickshaw till late hours of night . He is generally gentle by nature. He has to work in all good and bad weather. Sometinies he feels tired but cannot take rest. He has to live from hand to mouth, He cannot provide food, education and medicine to his family properly, Even they have to starve sometimes. In spite of all these odd conditions, he feels proud to live on his fair earnings from his sweat He finds great pleasure to serve human being at a minimum cost. His service is really very great. He is friend to all.

Word meaning :-

  1. Late night :- গভীর রাত
  2. Figure:- ব্যাক্তি
  3. Familiar:- পরিচিত
  4. Owner:- মালিক
  5. Sweat:- ঘাম






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