37) A fishermen

a) Who is a fisherman?

b) Where does he catch fish?

c) How does he pass his days?

d) How does he maintain his family?

e) Why can’t he overcome his poor condition?

****A fisherman is a person who lives by catching and selling fishes. Our seas, rivers, lakes, haors, beels and canals are full of different kinds of fishes. The fishermen catch fishes in these waters. He works hard all day and all night. He is always busy in making his fishing nets, repairing them and taking care of his fishing boat. He passes most of his time in fishing in the river on in the sea. Sometimes he goes in the deep sea for fishing. He catches fish and sells them in the local market. Thus he maintains his family with his poor income. Most of the fishermen are poor. They have no fishing nets or boats of their own. They hire these from others. They have to pay a large portion of their income for this. So they can’t overcome their poor condition. It is very difficult for a fisherman alone to improve his condition. For this he can form a co-oparative society. Besides, the government may give them loan’s to buy nets and boats. A fisherman contributes a fot towards the economy of the country. They supply us with fishes. Besides, we earn a huge amount of foreign currency by exporting fish.

Word meaning :-

  1. Fisherman:- জেলে
  2. Boats:-নৌকা
  3. Condition :- শর্ত
  4. Supply :- সরবরাহ
  5. Exporting:- রপ্তানি






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