42) My birthday party

a) The date.

b) Your age on that day.

c) How did you decorate the house?

d) The dress you wore.

e) Your friends and their gifts?

***My last birthday party was held on the 3 March, 2010. It was my 15th birth day. On that day I was 15 years old. I celebrated that party superbly . First, I along with my sister cleaned the drawing room and decorated it nicely with festoons and baloons. Then I put on a nice dress presented by my father. I stood at the gate and welcomed my friends who were coming by twos and threes. All of them brought various gifts for me. A big birthday cake and other delicious food items were placed on the dining table. Sixteen candles were also placed on the table. All of my friends stood around the dining table. On the appointed time, I put out the eandles and cut my birthday cake, At that time all the guests said with a great applause “Happy birthday to you”. After that, plates full of delicious food items were handed round.All the people began to eat, gossip and laugh.

Word meaning :-

  1. Celebrate:- উদযাপন করা
  2. Decorate:- সজ্জিত করা
  3. Superbly:- চমৎকারভাবে
  4. Applause :- করতালি
  5. Gossip:- গল্প-গুজব






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