45) A street Beggar

a) How is begging considered in a society?

b) Who is a street beggar?

c) Where is he seen?

d) What types of street beggar are seen?

e) How do they attract the attention of the passers by?

****Begging is not an employment . It is a curse to any country. A street beggar is a familiar figure in our country. He is usually seen to beg standing by the roadside. Railway stations, bus stands, launch and steamer ghats are generally haunted by street beggars. The street beggars may be either male or female. They a young or old, weak or strong. Blind and lame beggars are also there. A street begger looks strange with dirty and torn cloths. All the street beggars have their own way of life and mode of approaching for alms. Our government should take necessary steps to uproot this disgraceful habit from the country as soon as possible.

Word meaning :-

  1. Torn:- ছেঁড়া
  2. Disgraceful:- অসম্মানজনক
  3. Mode:- পদ্ধতি
  4. Alms:- ভিক্ষা
  5. Curse:- অভিশাপ






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