52) My mother

a) What is your mother’s name?

b) How old is your mother?

c) What are some of her qualities?

d) How does she perform the housebold chores?

e) What does she expect about you?

**** The person whom I love very much is my mother. My mother’s name is Rokeya. She is about forty years old. She is an ideal housewife , She is very gentle, polite, affectionate and intelligent. She is a woman of good taste, She keeps our house neat and clean. She performs the household chores very superbly. She is an educated woman. She takes great care of our education. She is my best teacher and guide, She directs me to follow the right path. She wants me well educated and established in life. She is very kind and helpful to the poor. She is an intimate woman. She likes to keep good terms with her neighbours. She is a woman of plain living and high thinking. I am proud of having such an ideal mother.

Word meaning:-

  1. Intimate:- আন্তরিক
  2. Housewife :- গৃহিণী
  3. Chores:- কাজকর্ম






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