53) My parents

a) How old are your parents?

b) What would you say about their nature?

c) What are their activities?

d) What is their expectation about you?

e) What is your feelings about them?

***I come of a noble and rich family. The persons whom I can pride on my parents. My father is 50 years old and my mother is 40 years old. They are highly educated. My father is an MA He is a professor in a college. My mother is a BA She is a housewife, The activities and thoughts of my parents are designed to sce me well educated and a useful citizen of the country. I am just a fruit of their desire and care. They bring me up with great care and affection. They are my best teachers, friends and guide. They are my heart and soul. I am really fortunate that I have come of such parents.

Word meaning :-

  1. Thoughts:- চিন্তা
  2. Designed:- পরিকল্পিত
  3. Care:- আশা
  4. Fortunate:- ভাগ্যবান






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