57) Morning walk

a) What is morning walk?

b) What kind of exercise is it?

c)How does your body get benefitted?

d) Who gets benefit from it?

e) When do you take exercise?

***The word ‘walk’ means a journey on foot for pleasure or exercise. So the term morning walk refers to a journey on foot for pleasure and exercise at the early hour of the day. A walk in, the morning is really a pleasant experience. It offers an opportunity to have some light exercises. Such exercises are very helpful for sound health. Walking itself is a very good exercise. I enjoy this exercise in my morning walk. Besides I like to take the chance of jogging during my morning walk. Actually a morning walker is a walker as well as a jogger. I get much benefit from my morning walk. In the morning the environment looks elean and quiet. Such a fresh environment refreshes my mind. On the other hand, walking and jogging at that time make my body sound. It is very much need and important for patients, specially. who suffer from diabetes and heart diseases. The doctors often advise them to take regular morning walk. Besides I like to have some freehand exercises just after my morning walk. These will help me to keep my body fit. From my own experience, I know that one who goes on morning walk is sure to be benefited physically as well as mentally. So nobody should: miss this great chance.

Word meaning :-

  1. Benefit :- উপকার
  2. Exercise:- ব্যায়াম
  3. Journey:- ভ্রমণ
  4. Walk:- হাঁটা
  5. Physically :- শারীরিকভাবে






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