60) An ideal Student

a) Who is an ideal student?

b) How is he punctual?

c) Does he cram anything?

d) What does he do to maintain a sound health?

e) What is his way of life?

****An Ideal Student An ideal student is an asset to any country, He has some qualities that can followed. He gets up early in the morning, He is always regular and attentive in studies. He goes to school regularly. He never wastes his time in vain He alway makes brilliant result in the examinations. He does not memorize anything withou understanding. He makes his own notes. He takes regular physical exercise to keep good health. He is a boy of good manners and character. He is truthful, honest. sincere and dutiful. He respects his parepts, teachers and other superiors in a polite way. He is very helpful to his fellow students. He is never rude to anybody. He is a student of high thinking and plain living. Infact, he is an example for others to follow.

Word meaning :-

  1. Attentive:- মনোযোগী
  2. Vain:- বৃথা
  3. Sincere:- আন্তরিক
  4. Asset:- সম্পদ
  5. Manners:-আচরণ






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