62) My favourite teacher

a) Who is your favourite teacher?

b) What does he teach?

c) How does he teach?

d) How is he?

e) How is his relation with the students?

****A teacher is indispensable for any educational institution . I have come across many teachers in my student life. Of them Mr. Abdul Matin is my favourite teacher. He is an English teacher. He is a man of letters with profound knowledge in English literature (rfe) and language. His teaching style is very attractive and effective . When he takes class, all the students listen to him with rapt attention. He adopts communicative method in the classroom and makes us share our emotions and feelings with him. He makes lessons interesting. He maintains amiable relation with all students. He is very sincere, punctual and honest. Whenever he comes before us, our heads bow down in respect. He always encourages us to learn new things. After all, he is, no doubt , an ideal teacher. Because of all his extraordinary qualities, he is my favourite teacher.

Word meaning :-

  1. Literature:- সাহিত্য
  2. Effective:- কার্যকরী
  3. Punctual:- সময়নিষ্ঠ
  4. Doubt:- নিঃসন্দেহে
  5. Profound:-অগাধ






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