64) A journey by boat

a) Have you made a journey by boat?

b) When did you make it?

c) Who accompanied you?

d) Why did you make the journey?

e) How was the atmosphere then?

*****I made Any kind of journey is pleasant to all. But a journey by boat is special and very pleasant and enjoyable to me. During the last summer vacation , my friends made a journey by boat from Homna to Munshigonj The purpose was the marriage ceremony of my friend’s elder sister. We hired a fine boat We started our journey from Homna ghat at 9 a.m There were two boatmen The sky The river was calm . As the wind was favourable. The boatmen set sail Soon the be gan to move fast We saw a large number of big and small boars plying up and dow river We saw some steamers and motor launches plying through the river. Fishermen scm catching fish in the river. Boys and girls were swimming Women were going home with filled with water. There were green fields on both sides of the river. Cattic were grang thot At last the boat reached Munshigonj station at 3 p.m. We got down from the boat and friend received us cordially. I enjoyed the journey most. The memory of the journey remain ever-fresh in my life.

Word meaning:-

  1. Pleasant:- আনন্দদায়ক
  2. Vacation:- ছুটি
  3. Specially:- বিশেষ করে
  4. Hire:- ভাড়া করা
  5. Calm:- শান্ত






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