65) A train journey

a) Have you made a journey by train?

b) When and where did you travel?

c) From where did you stan the journey?

d) Where was your seat?

e) What are the sights you enjoyed?

***During the last summer vacation, I and some of my friends made a journey by train from Dhaka to Chittagong. We went there to attend the marriage ceremony of my friend’s sister. On the fixed day, we reached Kamalapur railway station and got into the train. Fortunately I got my seat beside the window. After a few minutes, the guard blew the whistle and the train began to move on. I kept looking outside through the window. The traiu was passing through the green fields. Dew drops on green grasses were alittering like pearls . Trees and houses seemed to run behind. We saw the Firmers working in the field. Cattle were grazing here and there. The train stopped ar tew big stations. We bought boiled eg bananas, magazines ete. from the hawkers. When train started from Feni station, I saw the hills of Chittagong. On the right I saw the vast of water of the Bay of Bengal. At last the train reached Chittagong at 5 p. m. My friend of the journey will remain . ever-fresh in my heart.

Word meaning :-

  1. Fixed:- নির্ধারিত
  2. Beside:- পার্শ্বে
  3. Pearl:- মুক্তা
  4. Glittering:- চকচক করছিল
  5. Grazing:- চরছিল






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