66) My future plan of life

a) What’s your future plan of life?

b) What led you to adopt this plan?

c) How are you preparing yourself in that way?

d) What is your parents’ idea about your future plan?

e) How can your future plan of life help you to serve people?

*****Every man has an aim in life. I have a definite aim in my life. The aim of my life is to become a doctor and serve the poor villagers. My father who is a doctor always inspires me to be a doctor. The reason of my so choice is that most of the people of our village are poor and illiterate . Good doctors are not available in the villages. So they do not get help and advice of a good doctor. They suffer from many diseases and die a premature death . By observing their miseries, my heart fills with profound grief . I cannot tolerate this circumstance. I want to help them by proper treatment. For the purpose, I shall get myself admitted into Adhyapak Abdul Majid College after passing the S.S.C examination in science group. When I have passed the H.S.C examination. I shall get myself admitted into a Medical College for M.B.B.S. After having M.B.B.S, I shall come back to my village and serve the people. I shall take no fee from the poor. I feet it is not easy to be a doctor. Yet I will try my best to achive my aim.

Word meaning :-

  1. Illiterate:- নিরক্ষর
  2. Premature death :- অকাল মৃত্যু
  3. Tolerate:- সহ্য করা
  4. Inspire:- উৎসাহ






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