67) A weeding ceremony I celebrated

a) When did you enjoy the last wedding ceremony?

b)Whose wedding ceremony was it?

c)Where was the ceremony held?

d)How were the bride and bridegroom dressed?

e) How many guests attended function?

****Last week I had enjoyed a three days leave on the occasion of ny cousin’s wedding . The ceremony was held in Shohag community centre on the 20th instant . It was infact a glorious ceremony, The bride and the bridegroom were dressed in wedding dresses gloriously. About 500 guests from both the sides were present. From our side, I was given the responsibility to take snaps . I gladly performed my job and took all the important snaps. It took me almost five films. We all went to the community centre by-microbuses from my cousin’s residence . The formalities of the marriage were completed in a hearty environment. Then there was a great arrangement for a feast. At last the bridegroom along with his newly married wife got board on an excellent car and went to his residence. The finishing of the ceremony, infact, touched all of us very much.

Word meaning:-

  1. Bride:- কনে
  2. Bridegroom :- বর
  3. Wedding :- বিবাহ
  4. Snap:- ছবি তোলা






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