68) The prize giving ceremony of our school

a) When was the last prize giving ceremony of your school held?

b) How did you decorate the school?

c) Who was the chief guest?

d) When did the function begin?

e) How did the function begin?

*****The annual prize giving ceremony of a school is really happy and exciting one for the students and teachers. The last annual prize giving ceremony of our school was held on March 15, 2010, We decorated every corner of the school compound with green leaves, festoons and coloured papers. Sufficient sitting arrangements were made for the guests, teachers and students. The function began with the national anthem just at 2 p.m The local M.Pwas the chief guest of the function. Our Headmaster presided over the function The formal ceremony began with the recitation from the Holy Quran. The the Headmaster read out the annual report of the school. Some guests and teachers also mae speeches . One of our teachers called out the names of the winners one by one. T chief guest gave away the prizes. I won two prizes-one for long jump and the other writing the best essay. Then the chief guest made a short but instructive speech. function came to anend with the vote of thanks. Really the occasion was happy to all.

Word meaning :-

  1. Speeches:- বক্তৃতা
  2. Recitation:- আবৃত্তি
  3. Arrangements:- আয়োজন
  4. Exciting:- উত্তেজনাকর






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