70) The Victory Day I observed

a) What is a ‘victory day?

b) How did we win victory?

c) How did you celebrate the last victory day in your school?

d) How did you decorate the school compound?

e) Who helped you in fixing the items?

The Victory Day I observed The 16th December is a red letter day in the history of Bangladesh. On this day, we won victory at the cost of a bloody battle of nine months. We celebrated the last ‘Victory Day in our school very gorgeously . Our teachers cordially helped us in the arrangement. On the 15th December. we decorated every corner of the school compound with green leaves, festoons and coloured papers. Adequate seating arrangements were made for the teachers and students. Under the guidance of our physical instructor and some other teachers we fixed the items. We started the celebration by hoisting the national flag. Immediately after this the march past took place and the Headteacher of our school took the salute. Then they sang the national anthem . We also arranged a discussion meeting and a cultural function. Both the teachers and the students took part in the discussion. Actually the day was very happy and enjoyable .






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