71) A village doctor

a) Who is a village doctor?

b) What is his qualification?

c) What is your idea of a dispensary run by such a doctor?

d) When does he come to his dispensary and see his patients?

e) How does he treat his patients?

***A village doctor is a familiar figure in the village. He is a private practitioner. Generally he may not be a registered doctor. He receives some training by working under a qualified doctor for some years. He has a dispensary in his house. He gets up early in the morning. He then attends his patients. He treats his patients very carefully . He gives them advice and medicine. After finishing his duty there, he goes out to see other patients in the villages. Sometimes he spends the whole night sitting beside a patient. His presence and affectionate touch fill the patients with hope and courage . But he takes small fees from the patients. Very often he gives free treatment to the poor. Really a village doctor is an important figure to the villagers. He is loved and respected by all. He is not only a doctor but also a friend to the villagers.

Word meaning :-

  1. Carefully:- যত্নসহকারে
  2. Courage:- সাহস
  3. Affectionate touch:- স্নেহের পরশ
  4. Familiar :-পরিচিত






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