73) Gardening

a) What is gardening?

b) What kinds of gardening are done?

c) How do you feel working in a garden?

d) What is the utility of gardening?

e) How is gardening to a votary?

***Gardening is a pleasant occupation and a good pastime . It is an expression of refreshment and taste. It is an embodiment of men’s love for trees and plants of nature. There are many kinds of gardening. There are flower gardens. kitchen gardens , fruit gardens, botanical gardens ete. Each of them acts a very imnportant role. To work in a garden and spend sometimes among green plants and trees and beautiful flowers is like spending sometimes with nature. When a man sees the garden full of various flowers, vegetables, fruits etc., his heart leaps up with joy. It makes his body strong. It helps him to forget sorrows and sufferings. It relieves him from the monotony of the routine works. Then he can give full attention to his daily works. After all, to a votary gardening is a source of health, wealth and pleasure.

Word meaning :-

  1. Refreshment:- সতেজতা
  2. Occupation:- পেশা
  3. Good pastime:- আমোদ-প্রমোদ
  4. Votary:- উৎসাহী কর্মি
  5. Monotony :- একঘেয়েমি






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