76) My Grandmother

The name of my grandmother is Ayesha Begum. She is an elderiy woman of sixty She is wIse, affectionate , considerate and sympathetic. She lives in our house with us and she simply cannot pass her time alone. Though she likes to see us, she is at times, irritated by our noise. Sometimes she tells us fables and ghostly stories from which we get much pleasure. She is religious and conservative She neither goes to her own shopping nor to any kind of crowded place. She cannot manage our house any longer. She does not like any type of music except some religious songs. She cannot eat any type of hard foods except some soft foods like rice, soup, milk, mashed potatoes etc. She always wears one coloured sari which is mostly white and light brown in colour. She does not like to watch TV but reads the Holy Quran and other feligious books. She celebrates Eids and other important programmes with us.

Word meaning :-

  1. Affectionate:- স্নেহপরায়ণ
  2. Considerate:- বিবেকবান
  3. Fables:- কল্প-কাহিনী
  4. Crowded:-জনাকীর্ণ






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