81) My Reading Room

A reading room is undoubtedly a part and parcel in the life of every student. As I am a student, I have a separate reading room of my own. Its length is 9 feet and width is 7 feet. It faces the south, So sufficient light and fresh air can easily enter into it. It is a chaos and confusion free room that gives me an opportunity to prepare my lessons in a calm and peaceful atmosphere. There are one door, two spacious windows, a wardrobe , a table, a chair and an iron made bookshelf in my reading room. There are a flower vase and a fine table clock on the table. The books are nicely arranged in the bookshelf. In my reading room there is also a ceiling fan that gives me cool air and protects me from the excessive heat. Besides, the pictures of Bangladesh map and world map are hanging on the wall. I always try my best to keep my reading room neat and clean. I am really proud of my reading room.

Word meaning :-

1) Excessive :- অত্যাধিক

2) Vase:- ফুলদানি

3) Spacious :- প্রশস্ত

4) Wardrobe:- পোশাকের আলমারি

5) Undoubtedly :- নিঃসন্দেহে






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