82) Computer

The invention of computer is one of the greatest advances in modern techn It is a fairly recent invention. British Professor Charles Babes is the inventor of comp Computer is a substitute for the human brain. Computers are capable of extremely complicated work in all branches of learning. In a few minutes a computer perform calculations that trained mathematicians would need years to complete The computers can handle millions of problems in a few seconds. It can perform many op at a time and the same time without any confusion . Now-a-days computer has very sophisticated and it can be put to various uses. It is already used in indust in universities. It can run a business, play chess or even compose music. It has benefited us. It has brought about revolutionary changes in our life.

Word meaning:-

  1. Advances:- অগ্রগতি
  2. Substitute:- বিকল্প
  3. Confusion:- দ্বিধা
  4. Chess:- দাবা
  5. Sophisticated:- জটিল






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