83) My hostel life

A hostel is a residence of students. I am a residential student of Comilla Zilla school. The name of my hostel is “Merit” hostel. This is the most renowned hostel of our school. The environment of the hostel is very charming . About 150 students live in this hostel. Almost all the students of this hostel are studious and meritorious . So there exists peace and fraternity here. The authority of the hostel is very sincere and dutiful . We have to follow all the rutes and orders of our hostel very strictly . We have to get up early in the morning. After evening prayer we are not allowed to go out of the hostel. I can study here to my heart’s content . All the students of our hostel are helpful and friendly They are always ready to help me in any problem. So I have gathered practical experience about life in my hostel life. It seems to me that my student life would he unfulfilled if I would not live in a hostel. After all, my hostel life is very happy and enjoyable. I will never forget the sweet memories and experiences of hostel life.

Word meaning :-

  1. Enviroment:- পরিবেশ
  2. Residence :- বাসস্থান
  3. Meritorious :- মেধাবী
  4. Authority :- কর্তৃপক্ষ
  5. Prayer:-প্রার্থনা






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