86) Dengue Fever

a. What is Dengue Fever?

b. Which areas of the world are the most vulnerable for Dengue?

c. What are the Use the symptoms of Dengue fever?

d. What is the treatment on a rainy of Dengue fever?

e. How can we prevent Dengue?

***Dengue is a mosquito-borne disease which is very How do Dengue Fever painful. It is spread by Aedes mosquito. About 400 million dengue infections occur in the world evey year. This fever is usually occur in the tropical areas Indian Subcontinent, Southeast Asia, Southem China Taiwan, the Pacific Islands, Central and Soh America are the most vulnerable areas. Symptoms of Dengue usually begin four to six days after infection. dull and clouds. speos ae could last for ten days. “Sudden high fever, severt Poople “Appma headache, and pain behind the eyes, severe joint and muscle pain are some common symptoms of this fever Suso joo Patients may also suffer from fatigue, nausea. o to their ood ap called dengue shock syndrome , Till today, there vomiting, skin rash, and mild bleeding. In few cases these conditions could lead to death. Such condition is velihood. is no specific treatment for dengue infection.

Word meaning :-

  1. Mosquitoes:-মশা
  2. Bite:- কামড় দেওয়া
  3. Condition :-অবস্থা
  4. Begin:- শুরু হওয়া
  5. treatment :- চিকিৎসা করা






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