88) Metro Rail in Dhaka

(a) What is metro rail?

(b) What is the current status of metro rail project in Bangladesh?

(c) How can it help the commuters in Dhaka city?

(d) What are the difficulties we are facing due to its construction work?

(e) How. can this project help our economy?

***Metro rail is a type of high-capacity railway system. It is also called Rapid Transit system. It is generally built in the metro areas of a country. Bangladesh government is now building metro railway in Dhaka City. It is first time for the country. It is an elevated structure made of steel and concrete. It is one of the fastest ways of traveling in large cities. Our government is constructing this to reduce the existing traffic jam. It generally takes two to three more hours from our everyday life. This project will be finished in two phases. It is officially known as the Mass Rapid Transit Line-6. It is expected to carry near about 60,000 passengers per hour. It will also reduce the travel time inside Dhaka City. The project is expected to save Tk. 200 billion per year. It will be a huge relief for our fast growing economy. However, people have now been facing difficulties in the areas where the construction is going on. They are taking it easily for the better transport system. They are expecting that metro rail will bring comfort to their everyday life.

Word meaning :-

  1. Expect:-আশা
  2. Generally :-সাধারণত
  3. Travel:- ভ্রমণ
  4. Large:- বড়






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