90) A fishermen

The man who earns his bread by fishing is a fisherman. Fishing is challenging, though interesting to somebody. About more than half a million people live by fishing. He catches fish in the rivers, haors, beels, canals, ponds, ditches, and seas all over the country. Off and on fishes being in a group. Fishermen generally live in the villages near the water. Most fishermen have no nets and boats of their own. A fisherman works day and night. He remains busy in making and repairing fishing nets and boats, and in dying and painting them. His life becomes risky. Because he goes away from home in the challenge of natural calamity (g ara e and fishes in the deep sea. Most of them do not have any radio, and they can not hear the weather forecast in time. Their wives and children fall in the strain of anxiety for their safe return from the gluttonous sea. A fisherman smiles when he catches the expected fish. Otherwise, his face looks dull and gloomy. On the lookout, there is no night’s repose in his stormy life. At any rate, a fisherman functions a vital role in the savings of our economy.






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