91) Village life and the city life

From the beginning of human civilization, human beings began to form societies and started residing in villages. With the passage of time, a man formed cities. The city life and country life are different in advantages and disadvantages. Village life is natural and people in the village lead a very simple life. The villagers wake up from sleep in the morning hearing the melodious songs of birds. The sun shines brightly on the streams and fields and the flowers adorn nature. But city life is very artificial. It is full of din and bustle. There, people lead a very artificial life. They wake up from sleep hearing the sound of machines and vehicles. Yet, the city has some advantages that are absent in the villages. Good schools and colleges, specialized doctors and modern hospitals and the scope of earning are some of the advantages that are available in the cities. On the other hand, disease, hunger and poverty are very common in the villages. Furthermore, and made recreational facilities are available in the cities but in the villages, people can get pleasure walking in the midst of nature. Thus city life and village life are different in many respects.






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