94) Fruits of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is the land of fruits. Different fruits grow abundantly in different seasons. Fruits differ on the basis of their color, size, taste. Some are sweet in taste and some are sour. Some popular fruits that grow in our country are Mango, Jack fruit, Guava, Palm, Pineapple, Blackberry, Date, Melon, Wood apple, Banana, Lychee etc. Summer is the season of juicy and sweet fruits. Mango grows in plenty at this season. Mango is called the king of fruits. Everybody loves the taste of mango. Green mango is sour in taste and when it ripe it becomes sweet and juicy. Mango grows mostly in Rajshahi division. Specially Chapai NobabGonj of Rajshahi district is famous for mango. Another popular fruit of summer is Lychee. It is a juicy fruit which is sweet in taste. Lychee mostly grows in Rajshahi, Dinajpur. Another popular fruit of summer is Jackfruit. It is the national fruit of Bangladesh. The fruit is large in size. Actually, it is one of the largest fruits of the world. A single Jack fruit may be enough for one meal for an entire family. For this reason, this fruit is popular among poor people. Another very common fruit is the banana. This fruit grows all round the year. Banana is sweet and beautiful. Many poor people have their lunch with Banana and bread. Guava is also a common fruit which usually grows during the rainy season. the palm usually grows in autumn. It is a very popular fruit, especially among the rural people. They also make different sweet dishes from palm and palm juice. Tamarind and Lemon are most common sour fruits. We also use them to make juice and other food items. Fruits are very beneficial for our health. They are easily available and reasonable in price. They fulfill the needs of different vitamins and minerals of our body. They are also very tasty.

Word meaning :-

  1. Tasty:- সুস্বাদু
  2. Price:- মূল্য
  3. Palm:- পাম
  4. Meal:- খাবার
  5. Minerals :- খনিজ






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