95)The birds of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is gifted with many kinds of birds. We do not even know the names of all these birds. They add to the beauty of our country. They are found all over the country. We rise early in the morning hearing the sweet songs of these birds. The birds are different in colour, shape, size and habit. Their food is also different. They live near our houses in woods, marshy lands and hills. Birds are wonderful gifts of nature. Some birds are very useful to us. Some do us harm. They keep our environment fresh and clean. So, we should not kill birds.

Word meaning:-

  1. Wonderful:- বিস্ময়কর
  2. Useful:- দরকারি
  3. Kill:- হত্যা
  4. Harm:- ক্ষতি
  5. Found:- পাওয়া গেছে






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