98) My first day at school

A new school is a new experience. My first day at Titas Adarsha School was not very difficult. I went to school on foot as it was very close to my village. When I arrived at school, the bell rang. I found my classroom easily. In the class I met my primary school classmates, Dipu and Amin. We sat together. So I didn’t feel embarrassed at all. I also made friendship with two other new friends. The class teacher asked me a question. I answered it to the point. The teacher thanked and praised me. I felt very happy. In fact, my first day at high school was a very happy event.


  • Experience- অভিজ্ঞতা
  • Arrived-পৌছালো
  • Easily-সহজে
  • Classmates-সহপাঠি
  • Friendship-বন্ধুত্ব
  • Embarrassed-লজ্জাবোধ করা
  • At All-একদম
  • Raised-প্রশংসা করল
  • Event- ঘটনা
  • Felt-অনুভব করলাম।






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